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We want you to be happy, not only with us as a service, but also with us in general. A companion at your side needs your trust, otherwise it is of no use. That’s why we don’t make empty promises and are honest with you. In the end, we want you to grow – preferably beyond yourself.

People are more than a profile picture. Look behind the facade, show yourself as you are, meet real people – whether in dating or live. We’ll guide you through finding your next date, experiencing your next kiss, maybe finding your next relationship or just rocking your next stream. Love has many faces. Love changes your heartbeat and sometimes it’s just a download away.

App Features

Likes & Profile Visits

In listed views, we introduce you to people who have given you a Like in the Match or visited your profile. Or you can switch to the Match yourself and let us surprise you. Behind every swipe could be your partner!

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You are LOVOO when…

  • you celebrate tolerance and versatility and are open to new things.
  • you are courageous and show your true self, your real personality. Just like our community, you are interested in real people.
  • you are a part of the community with joy, respect and warm-heartedness and always respect the limits of others, no matter if you are chatting with a partner or live stream.
  • you also pay attention to your surroundings with empathy, have a sense for when the mood changes in Live and when positivity in the app is important and sacred to you.
  • your are attentive and report inappropriate behavior of others.
  • much like Team LOVOO, never stop tinkering, find ways to develop new shows, design creative icebreakers, constantly try new things.
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